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we simplify the production process and create compelling visual stories to empower sales.

Benefits of Video Production

based in Melbourne, we are an independent full-service video production company. We do everything that’s needed to create effective video marketing content, from creating initial concepts, scripting and storyboarding, location finding, and of course, running the shoot and editing the final video. We create meaningful content designed to promote your business.

Brett Ginsberg Visuals is a leading video production agency for directly commissioned content. We deliver short form videos that reach your goals while working with you to ensure that your story is beautifully told in a way that suits your organisation. Our efficient workflows maximise creativity, streamline production and guarantee delivery.

Our proven video production methodology guides you through the filmmaking process ensuing an easy, seamless experience from start to end.

Our video production includes:

Live Streaming designed making your physical events more accessible reaching wider audiences and removing geographical boundaries.

Marketing and brand videos designed to showcase your product or service to the very best.

Case study videos designed to communicate your story and make a real impact on your marketing strategy.

Explainer videos designed to be helpful to potential new customers offering insight and instruction.

Campaign videos designed to emotionally connect with your target audience — ideal if you are launching a marketing or fundraising campaign.

Testimonial videos designed to provide authentic social proof and trust from an existing user of your product or service.

Kickstarter videos designed to engage potential backers quickly in order for your campaign to be successful.

Our video production services include:

Developing your video content strategy: understanding who your audience is and what makes them tick is the first step to creating content which will engage and drive them to take action. Taking time to understand their demographics, psychology and pain points is critical to produce tailored content that resonates.

Developing your video production brief: the brief is a crucial part of the process and forms the foundation of a successful project. A video production brief gives you a working set of guidelines or steps that will be taken during video production. The written brief provides a quick outline from which to work during the entire video production process. It will include the key elements that you plan to include in your video, as well as the action steps that need to be taken to successfully plan, shoot, edit and market the desired video. The video production brief will act as your guide prior to, during and even after video production. Its main purpose is to determine the exact purpose and goals of your video in an easy to understand outline for your reference at any given time.

Storyboard development: a storyboard is one way of effectively planning out your video production. It’s a visual outline of the all the shots that will be needed. It can be done with a pencil and paper or a whiteboard. Whichever way you choose to create your video storyboard, it should be made to show your crew exactly what you have in mind, before the shoot begins. Visualizing your shots and putting them down on paper provides an easier way of getting across your ideas to the video production and crew.

Brett Ginsberg Visuals is your in-house video production company and creative partner. We aim to inspire and foster an emotional connection with your audience and customers through memorable and meaningful storytelling.

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Principal, Brash Consulting

“I decided this year I would do a video series of interviews with outstanding leaders. Brett Ginsberg was recommended and was enthusiastic about our project from the get-go.

He has recorded and edited three interviews thus far and I have been delighted with his responsiveness, willingness to ask questions, to challenge my thinking and ensure the most minor detail is addressed so that everything goes well on the shoot.

He is a calming presence and a beautiful person. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

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