Discover Your Visual Voice

Branding is the first thing your potential customers notice about you. First impressions last and your company will be judged initially based on your brand. A solid brand will enable you to command a premium, ensure you are instantly recognisable to your clients and build loyalty.

Our methodical and strategic approach begins with a visual audit of your brand, instead of a push of the camera button or the capture of some random motion footage.

Step 1 – Define Your Brand

This is a comprehensive analysis of your core values, target audience, value proposition, current visual marketing materials and competitors. It includes a one on one session to determine your visual content marketing goals, resources, deficiencies and personality. We get under the skin of your brand, challenge you and dig deep to determine your messaging and what you stand for.

A brand audit will often reveal new growth opportunities for your brand, and new ways to make your brand resonate with both existing and a new generation of target customers who will represent your brand’s long term future.

We then develop an authentic visual interpretation of your brand’s identity, designed to align with your business and ideal audience. This will be a concise blueprint to help you execute your marketing efficiently and consistently across all media. It also serves as your benchmark as we evaluate your current brand against this blueprint, your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvements.

Services: Brand Audit

Step 2 – Design Your Identity

We conceptualise, sketch, iterate to create striking, unforgettable designs based on your brand’s personality, giving your brand an identity that appeals and relates to your audience. Colours and typography are selected to convey the appropriate emotions associated with your brand.

The style guidelines contain and prescribe the logo usage rules, typeface system, colour palette, layout guidelines, and more. They exist to ensure all collateral and marketing materials have a cohesive look and voice.

Services: Logo & Identity Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Collateral

Step 3 – Develop The Visuals

Photography plays a critical role and is the core of the brand, clearly identifying your products and services. Over used stock library images place a brand directly into the generic “me too” zone. A curated set of bespoke images, enhances your positioning as an expert, provides a competitive edge and elevates a brand from the crowd. Photography captured with purpose encapsulates the brand messaging and appeals directly to the target market.

Video gives your brand a personal face and showcases your personality – through video you can create a direct relationship with your target audience. The presenter of the video is able to look into the camera and directly engage your audience with your brand. At the same time the viewer is able to look the presenter in the eye and see the authenticity that you bring and a relationship is formed. In a world of short attention spans, video grabs interest and builds trust. Today’s savvy marketers are using video to convey rich information and meaningful content making it more effective at closing sales and generating leads.

Services: Imagery (360° interactive, product, commercial, head shot, aerial), Videography (brand story, profiles, testimonials, training), Web Design

We contracted Brett to create 360° product videos for us, and we absolutely loved his work! He was professional, took the time to carefully listen to our concerns and requirements, and delivered exactly what we wanted with a quick turnaround. We will definitely be using him again and recommend that others do too.


Marketing Manager,

Marketing Videography

Corporate Profiles, Brand Story, Case Studies, Events, …

Sales Videography

Customer Testimonials, Product Demonstrations, Showcases, …

Training Videography

Internal Staff Training, Instructional, Tutorials, …

product photography
360° product photography
jewellery photography of large sapphire stone ring with white gold and diamonds

Product Photography

eCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Marketing, Lookbooks, …

360° Interactive

Bridging the gap between online and the in-store experience

Jewellery Photography

Diamonds, Rings, Necklaces, Ear Rings, Bracelets, ….

melbourne photographer
commercial photography melbourne
melbourne photographer

Aerial Photography

Drones, Surveys, Real Estate, Industrial….

Commercial Photography

Websites, Editorials, Advertising, …

Wall Art

Interior Decoration, Home Wall Art, Office Wall Art, …

I approached Brett to take some professional photographs of my violins, including 360 degree views. It’s been a pleasure to work with him – he’s quick, thorough and produces excellent results. I’ll continue to work with him to produce high quality images of all my instruments.


Owner, The Violineri