E-commerce Photography

showcase your product in the best light, with our clean and crisp ecommerce photography.

Benefits of Ecommerce Photography

when online shoppers can’t touch, taste, hear, see or smell your products, ecommerce product photography provides a vital visual communication form to your audience. When it comes to selling online, professional ecommerce product photography is a significant asset to the way you and your business develop and grow. Finding a local photographer who shares your vision can be a challenge. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Miami, selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or your own ecommerce site — Brett Ginsberg Visuals provides high-impact images at an affordable price.

We specialise in providing clean, detail-rich ecommerce product photography to showcase your products online. High-quality Amazon and ecommerce product photography on a pure white background is vital to allow customers to clearly see what they are purchasing. A white background is generally preferred for ecommerce sites and sales brochures as it allows your product to shine and be the sole focus of the shot. It creates crisp, sharp shots that allow for examination of the product’s details.

For a similar reason we don’t use dramatic lighting like our creative product photography rather a flat, even light to highlight the product and capture all the details.

Studies show that professional ecommerce product photography increases sales and profit margins. Consumers purchase with their eyes. Product photography is the first impression you give your visitors to your ecommerce website. We can assist you with images that are grounded by having a reflection or shadow underneath or floating.

As a professional ecommerce product photographer, Brett Ginsberg will work with you to create a consistent look for all your product photos that will communicate the best visual message for your brand. A distinct, high-quality, consistent look also helps establish your brand as trustworthy.

We have designed a simple process so you can focus on the bigger picture. Just ship your products and let us be the creative team you’ve always wanted.

product shot example of Ecommerce Product Photography with 2 pink wine glasses in Melbourne
amazon photography example of product shot with glass jars in melbourne
amazon photography example of product shot with baby organiser in melbourne


Owner, LoveMae

“Brett was amazing to deal with. I engaged his services to photograph my product for listing on Amazon US. He went above and beyond to not only capture my product but to also understand the brief / avatar of my brand.

The images he captured and created have exceeded my expectations and have truly brought my product to life, I cannot wait for the next collaboration. Thank you Brett”

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