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Benefits of Product Photography

professional product photography helps customers choose between competing products driving ecommerce sales. When online customers cannot physically pick up your product, hear it work, or see it operate, they rely entirely on the visual representations that you provide. This is why image quality and context are the most critical considerations you will make for your online business and the importance of hiring a Melbourne product photographer. In an online marketplace — such as Amazon or Ebay, where masses of similar products compete, high-quality product photography increases conversion rates by boosting consumer confidence.

Product photography for ecommerce is one of the most important elements of your online business. In short, product photos are the only link your potential customers have to what they are getting and without them, conversion would be almost impossible. Professional product photographs play the biggest role in boosting traffic from PPC campaigns and other platforms, they keep your traffic engaged on your home and product pages, and ultimately help you convert traffic into sales. Quality photographs will grab a potential shopper’s attention, enhance buyer interactions, establish your brand feel and instil trust. 

Yet, despite the importance of product photography, so many established online sellers are still not getting it right. We provide cost-effective, premium Melbourne product photography designed to drive higher conversion rates. Offering both on location and studio product photography for businesses looking to promote their merchandise in the best possible way.

We have a streamlined process developed through extensive experience in providing product photography for online retailers and brands. With meticulous attention to detail, products are photographed in a controlled environment to ensure accurate colour reproduction with minimal reflections and imperfections. All images are edited, colour balanced with the ideal tonal range and sharpened to showcase your products in the best possible light. Product photographs can be edited to provide transparent, white, black or any colour of your choice backgrounds giving images a clean high-quality professional look.

All product photography images can be tailored to your size specifications as high-resolution 300dpi for print or low resolution 72 dpi for web and social media. Services include file naming, deep etching, dust removal and image combination.

Professional product photography is ideal for:

catalogues, online retailers, brochures, reports, ecommerce / shopping cart platforms, social media, look books, packaging, marketing collateral, signage, email newsletters

Brett Ginsberg Visuals product photography offers numerous benefits:

Single product photography, group product photography, fully equipped studio or mobile on location, fast delivery, affordable solutions for small business to large enterprise, high-quality, professional team, money back guarantee, no cost trials, bulk discounts for large volumes.

commercial videography melbourne
commercial videography melbourne
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Owner, H.B. Global Commerce

“Brett is very professional and produced quality results. We had actually gone through four different product photographers because we just weren’t getting the results we wanted. Brett was by far the best.


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