Jewellery Photography – 6 Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Jewellery photography can be challenging due to the small size and reflective surfaces of the pieces. Here are some common mistakes in jewellery photography and how to avoid them:

1. Poor lighting:

One of the most common mistakes in jewellery photography is poor lighting. Jewellery requires bright and even lighting to showcase its details and sparkle. To avoid this mistake, use soft, diffused lighting to eliminate harsh shadows and reduce glare.

2. Reflections:

Reflections can be distracting in jewellery photography and can obscure the details of the piece. To avoid reflections, use a black velvet background and diffuse lighting to minimise glare and reflections.

3. Blurry images:

Blurry images can be caused by camera shake or an incorrect focus point. To avoid blurry images, use a tripod and focus on the most important details of the piece.

4. Incorrect colour balance:

Incorrect colour balance can make jewellery look dull or washed out. To avoid this mistake, use a white balance card or adjust the colour balance in post-processing.

5. Lack of consistency:

Inconsistency in jewellery photography can be confusing to customers and can make your store look unprofessional. To avoid this mistake, use a consistent background, lighting setup, and editing style for all your product images.

6. Incorrect composition:

Incorrect composition can make jewellery look unappealing or unbalanced. To avoid this mistake, use the rule of thirds and consider the size and shape of the piece when framing the shot.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following best practices for jewellery photography, you can create compelling images that showcase the beauty and detail of your pieces and drive sales for your ecommerce store.

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Brett Ginsberg is founder and content producer at Brett Ginsberg Visuals