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we are a Melbourne based photography studio specialising in eCommerce and product along with creative and brand focused photography.

The Internet is now everywhere and online consumers want to shop anytime, anywhere. Ecommerce is big business and continues to grow rapidly. Strong ecommerce product photography is imperative and provides your customers with their first impression. A professional ecommerce photographer will work together with you to understand your brand and its needs. Whether it’s the texture in the fabric, the rich tones in the colour or the sheen of the hardware, our Melbourne product photographer will strive to photograph your product at its best.

More examples of ecommerce product photography can be found here: Ecommerce Product Photography

What is Ecommerce Product Photography?


Ecommerce product photography uses specific techniques to showcase products in an appealing way and entice potential buyers to purchase specific products.

Ecommerce product photography is an essential part of both online and offline advertising for successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites, specifically when selling products direct to consumers.

Brett Ginsberg Visuals focuses on providing ecommerce product photography that ensures you stand out from the crowded online market. Our customer centric experience puts our client and their needs at the heart and soul of everything we do. We pride ourselves on taking special care of the individual needs of our customers. Our attention to detail results in ecommerce product photography that is unique to each situation.


The Benefits of High Quality Product Photography


When consumers view a product page, they are looking for proof of quality and value. No matter how sophisticated, website visitors are first engaged by visual elements, not written copy. Photos are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process, ultimately determining conversion and retention rates. The quality of your product photography reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression.

The key to making the most of their first impression is to present polished, professional photography that evokes maximum engagement. Ecommerce product photography is a vital element of branding. Branding should be central to every decision your company makes including your social media posts, website updates and all your marketing efforts.

Ecommerce product photography is at the core of your brand. They are the first to grab attention, impart trust, and invite customers to take a further look. Everything in your product photography … quality, subject matter, colour theme and saturation … should speak in a uniform voice that resonates with your target audience. Your goal is to form long-term relationships with your customers, and your product photos are one of the most important tools to achieve that.


Two Types of Ecommerce Product Photography


There are two main types of images that should be used on your product page and across your marketing channels.

The first are clean-cut, white background, product only images. These should include your featured product, and a variety of images showcasing your product from different angles. Below is an example.

More examples of ecommerce product photography can be found here: Ecommerce Product Photography

More examples of ecommerce product photography can be found here: Ecommerce Product Photography

Product only images are meant to show your product in its best possible light from all relevant angles. They are usually shot on a white background, helping to create a consistent look across your product portfolio. These images describe your product at a glance and are best suited for your product page. Their purpose is to nurture website page visitors towards making a purchase.

Contrary to what most people might assume, you actually need around 10 to 12 photos on your product page, not just one or two. Most of them should be product only shots, with one or two in-context shots mixed in, designed to create further emotional bonds with your product. Product only images are generally the most suited for product pages, as they have a significantly higher rate of conversion.

The second is in-context or lifestyle photos that show your product being used in its intended environment or alongside complementing products. Here’s the same product in a lifestyle or in-context shot.

More examples of ecommerce product photography can be found here: Ecommerce Product Photography

Lifestyle shots, ones that tell a story, are best suited for social media, blog posts, emails, and other marketing channels at the top of your conversion funnel. It’s also beneficial to add a few in-context photos to your product page, helping to increase emotional engagement. The same rules apply to taking lifestyle photos as in product-only shots, apart from the fact that lifestyle photos allow you a lot more creative freedom.


Images Ready for Ecommerce, Amazon and Other Online Retailers


We include specific web-sized images in addition to your high resolution photographs for print. If you require specific sizes or need to meet the specifications of an online retailer just let us know the details and we will deliver the images in the correct format. This provides peace-of-mind for those that sell on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify and more.


Product Photography Made Simple


We genuinely care about your business and will guide you through the process with our proven 4-step plan:

Step 1 – Schedule an appointment and lets discuss how you want to present your brand
Step 2 – We will tailor a strategy to transform your ecommerce photography and achieve the results you want with no routine templates
Step 3 – Our customer centric experience places you at the heart of our collaborative execution keeping you up to date at every step
Step 4 – Enjoy a successful transformation of your brand image using your new visual voice to showcase your professional ecommerce photography


Why Choose Brett Ginsberg Visuals For Your Ecommerce Photographer?


1. Smooth process – whether it’s product photography or simply retouching we have a seamless process to clearly understand your needs
2. Money back guaranteed – if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked
3. Free test image included – feel free to try any of our services for free, no risk, no obligations
4. Trusted service – check out our reviews to see what customers are saying about us – Customer Reviews
5. Fast turn around for product photography


Boost your online sales with professional ecommerce product photography.

More examples of ecommerce product photography can be found here: Ecommerce Product Photography

Brett Ginsberg is founder and content producer at Brett Ginsberg Visuals