360 Fashion Photography Melbourne

online buyer behavior is changing rapidly. Enabled by technology and demand for convenience, shoppers have quickly adapted to a global marketplace where rich media is the new norm. With e-commerce growing at more than four times the rate of traditional brick and mortar stores, savvy brands need to adapt swiftly to stay relevant – this is especially pertinent to the fashion industry.

Consumers today are demanding valuable, in-depth information with the ability to examine clothing in detail. 360° fashion photography is next best thing to a showroom experience by allowing shoppers to  virtually “pick up” and spin the garment around and even “lean” in (zoom) on fine details as if they were holding it in their hands.

Buyers can now immerse themselves in 360° images of designer collections understanding fabric, textures and intricate details. This offers an interactive 360° online showroom where every aspect is visible.

Deborah Selleck, a Melbourne based designer of bridal and evening couture is one of the latest fashion retailers to recognise the benefits of 360° fashion photography to showcase her beautiful gowns with intricate embellishments, quality fabrics and innovative designs.

The video below provides a short behind the scenes glimpse at the creation of a 360° fashion photography rotation.

Special thanks to the collaborative efforts of an incredible team:

Bridal Couture – Deborah Selleck – www.deborahselleck.com.au

 Hair & Makeup – Donna Lee

 Talent – Emily Daniel – Instagram @emiilyddaniel

 Designer – Tamara Clarke – www.tamaradesignservices.com

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Brett Ginsberg is founder and content producer at Brett Ginsberg Visuals