Abraini’s Su Filindeu

Packaging and Logo Design

su filindeu meaning ‘threads of god’ is the world’s rarest pasta. For over 300 years, the women of the Abraini family have passed down the unique recipe and technique of su filindeu.

Twice a year, pilgrims hike from the Sardinian town of Nuoro to the village of Lula. When they arrive at their destination, they are rewarded with a bold of su filindeu.

The pilgrimage begins at the Chiesa Della Solitudine. The door of the church is embellished with deceptions of birds and flora. Abraini’s Su Filindeu begins at the same place, with the outside of the packaging decorated with a pattern based on the church’s entrance.

The belly band which encloses the box is adorned with the Abraini logo. The logo embodies ‘threads of god’ as a multitude of fine strands fall from the heavens.

Once opened, the pasta is revealed. Displayed in a frame, the world’s rarest pasta is presented like a piece of art.

A small booklet captures the story of the Abraini family and contains recipes for su filindeu.