I am observant, easy going
and naturally optimistic
I am definitely not a morning
person - words don't come
easy until that first batch of
miracle beans have taken effect
a dog will make your life whole
liquorice sleeps in our bed
(our kids were never allowed to)
I draw creative inspiration from movies
my wife always said she would never
marry a man with a hairy chest and
the prospect of going bald - I'm glad
she failed on both accounts
hot chilli and garlic should be a
mandatory ingredient in every meal
I want to be James Bond
when I grow up
I surround myself with music as
much as possible - it fills me
with joy and never fails to life
my soul
mint chocolate and maxx chips
are my kryptonite - they get hidden
around the house for solo pig out
sessions (don't tell anyone)
I am unobtrusive, calming
and never flashy
Chloe tolerates us only
because she needs food,
water and shelter.
Very smart and manipulative
she's got the whole family
catering to her whims.
Occasionally and only
when she needs something,
she may pay us some attention
I never read the blurb before starting a novel
well thats me ...
I would love to get
to know you ...